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WIREWAX groundbreaking metadata analysis services

WIREWAX groundbreaking metadata analysis services


Core services

Leveraging WIREWAX’s existing computer vision algorithms, these tools and services provide unparalleled solutions to large business for analysing, processing, cataloging, and modifying video assets at scale.


Automatic Programme Segmentation

Breaks the asset down into elements (bars, slates, titles, main feature, credits etc) enabling much faster re-editing / re-packaging.


Automatic Asset-Duplication Detection

Instantly fingerprints asset to help eradicate unnecessary duplication and confusion about your archive.


Automatic Subtitle Generation

Produced via a powerful speech recognition tool to enable rapid production and editing of accessible assets.

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Additional Services


Automatic Subtitle
Translation in 64 languages

Converts existing subtitles to any of 64 languages, exponentially speeding up asset re-packaging for additional markets.


Automatic Programme Monetisation

Identifies optimum insertion points for advertising based on understanding the narrative context throughout assets.


Automatic Edit Decision List (EDL)

Identifies all hard and soft clip boundaries and generates a fully-comprehensive record to facilitate precision editing.

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Automatic Visual, Audible & Contextual Metadata Generation

Actor, presenter, character and object recognition (via timecode and frame position), optical character recognition (baked-in text, titles, supers, credits), scene recognition (identifying identical clusters of clips as the same scene).

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