About the project

Meredith’s branded content team, The Foundry, were looking for a way to reinvent the way audiences move from engagement to action. They turned to leading interactive video technology provider, WIREWAX, to leverage the power of interactive video with their partner, Maybelline New York.

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  • WIREWAX Studio to independently control and create interactive content at scale.

  • Advanced SaaS tool to create custom hotspots, branching points, and embed the experience with InStyle editorial.

  • Metrics dashboard providing over 150 data points per second.

Problems to Solve:

  • Strategically redefine the way audiences engage with branded content.

  • Drive awareness for their new concealer, Mastercamo.

  • One campaign to serve multiple audiences using a single video.


The result?

  • Meredith won Folio Mag’s Best User Experience award by using WIREWAX Studio.

  • 6x interactions per active viewer.

  • 68% of all viewers interacted with Meredith’s branded content.