About the project

When PlayStation launch a new video there aren’t just viewers, there are players. This audience leans forward like no other and it’s simply not good enough to just bosh out another video.

So it was the Christmas of 2013 when PlayStation first used WIREWAX to launch their new console into the world with this unboxing video. The video capitalized on the trend for unboxing videos with a fun and useful experience that allowed excited fans to explore the new kit and its features.

Fast-forward to Christmas 2015 and PlayStation knew it was time to draw in new fans to the wonderful life of a PS4 player. They used WIREWAX to add timed, animated tags to more than 50 characters and objects in the video. Click the guitar and you’ll discover ‘Guitar Hero Live’, touch the Warlock and you’ll experience the ultimately destiny of ‘The Taken King’. Never has a product video been so immersive, so interactive, so PlayStation.

☑ Design                   ☑ Tool                   ☑ Automation                   ☑ E-Com                   ☑ On-Board                   ☑ Service                   ☑ Add-To-Bag


Problems to Solve:

  • Pack more product exploration into less time.

  • Engage inherently interactive viewer base.


  • Technology proven with prior campaigns.

  • Most compelling interactive experience befitting of a global entertainment icon.


The result?

  • Viewers (or players) engaged for a whopping 85% of duration, on average.

  • More than 43% of audiences interacting, compared to an industry average of 6%.

  • More than 5 interactions for every engaged viewer.

  • Over 15 seconds spent in the overlay experience where a range of game titles could be explored.

  • 6 countries all supported by one video.