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$69 / month

    Basic package includes:

  • Interactive video editor
  • Automatic motion tracking, face detection & clustering
  • 10 min max video length
  • Embeddable videos
  • iFrame overlays
  • Basic metrics dashboard
  • < 24hr support response
  • 1 user


$339 / month

    Includes everything in the Basic package plus:

  • Video branching
  • Intelligent asset management system
  • 30 min max video length
  • Custom hotspot upload
  • Video password protection
  • Unbranded video player
  • Downloadable offline package
  • Priority encoding
  • Pro data bundle*
  • Custom posterframe
  • Pro metrics dashboard
  • < 12hr support response
  • Geo-locking
  • Pro API tools
  • 3 users


starting at

$2000 / month

    Includes everything in the Professional package plus:

  • Automated subtitle creation, translation, editing and upload
  • Unlimited video length
  • 360° interactive video support
  • Optimized content delivery network (CDN)
  • S3 (or equiv) bucket sync
  • E-commerce integration
  • < 3hr support response
  • Advanced API tools
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 10 users

*excludes paid media. Subject to fair usage; up to 10GB per month for Basic account (~5K views), 500GB Professional (~25k), 2TB Enterprise (~100k). WIREWAX may ask user to share data costs above these numbers.


Simple Campaign

PRICES$7,500 - $20,000

Deliver simple, effective and impactful shoppable video and interactive video experiences quickly. Projects designed, built and delivered in days - this wins kudos, awards and quick ROI.

Advanced Campaign

PRICES$20,000 - $75,000

Create memorable experiences that drive 3X higher shoppable conversions or as much as 5X engagement with our expert team who concept, create and deliver the world’s most effective interactive video campaigns.

Customized Campaign

PRICES$75,000 - $500,000

Don’t limit your campaign - charge our expert team with a brief and see the world they can create to drive the highest engagement and interaction on the planet.