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We’ve developed a ground-breaking stack of technology that is at the bleeding edge of web and video technology. We’ve squeezed, hacked and bribed HTML5 to do things it’s never done before and to achieve the impossible.

We’re looking for a Senior Front End Developer that has experience of doing the same with feverish enthusiasm to push the boundaries using a deep knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of the browser. JavaScript, CSS3, AngularJS are very powerful tools but you’ll be expected to exploit and exhaust them to a significant advantage to help develop the world’s best and most powerful interactive video tool - all running in the browser. Your code should be exceptionally well crafted, highly optimised and exceptionally powerful. You should have a thirst for developing new technology and helping solve some of interactive video’s biggest problems in a relaxed but high-profile tech company on the world stage. Each line of your code will be used by over 20,000 users who depend on our platform.


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If this sounds like the kind of thing you’d love to be doing, we’d love to hear from you. Send us your CV, along with some code examples (GitHub, CodePen etc.)

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