About the Project

CoverGirl and Star Wars are two of the most iconic names you can find in advertising and popular culture. Always daring to be different, Grey NY put on a show for this new collaboration with a 6-part series of ‘How-To’ videos that drove 1-minute of time spent with product and use steps for the new range.

Viewers could interact with any of the tips, tricks and products featured and see an animated overlay draw into vision, complete with Star Wars sound and visual effects. We found viewers spent an average of 1-minute inside the overlay and engaged with content and product information. We saw nearly 16% of those viewers in the product overlay click through to the product pages on covergirl.com.

From concept out this campaign created the need to interact.

☑ Design                   ☑ Tool                   ☑ Automation                   ☑ On-Board                   ☑ Service                  
☑ E-Com                   ☑ Add-To-Bag


Problems to Solve:

  • Engage young innately interactive audiences

  • Drive new product SKU awareness and purchase opportunity

  • Bring together a variety of media content into the videos where viewers were most interested


  • Proven and trusted by more than 350 brands and WPP agency partners

  • Best experience and creative technology used by NBC and the BBC

  • Works on iPhone without apps


“WIREWAX is the leading interactive video product for a reason, it delivers the best execution.'“

- Chris Stoddard, CGSW Senior Producer, Grey NY


The result?

  • Upwards of 40% of the audience are clicking, touching and getting involved

  • Multiple interactions for every engaged viewer

  • An average of 1 minute of time spent with overlay content that featured tips, tricks and product

  • 16% clicking through from product overlays to covergirl.com product pages

  • Retail partners got excited by the interactive videos and created their own destination pages