Evolve your video

with ease

Our self-serve Studio platform is your new toolset for building powerful interactive video and commerce video experiences.

Create custom interactive videos

Whether you're making your first video or are a seasoned pro, WIREWAX Studio has everything you need to craft world-class interactive video and commerce experiences.

Tailored to your audience

Our smart technology automatically finds and tags every person and object throughout your video during upload allowing you to focus on the smarter stuff, like intuitive design for your audience engagement.

Not only that, our toolset delivers automatic subtitle generation in 63 languages, bolstering your opportunity for international content distribution.

Intelligent Media Asset Management

Our toolset interface empowers collaboration for multi-team involvement and remote creative collaboration.

Host, serve and distribute your video across our global content delivery network with our powerful yet flexible HTML5 video player, eliminating the need for multiple video hosting partners.

Comprehensive Video Analytics

Watch over 120 data points in real-time, track KPIs toward success, and discover how to optimise your interactive video for more egagement with our trusted metrics dashboard.