Written by Rebecca Warger, Marketing Director

A whole new series of animated overlays are hot off the press and live now in WIREWAX Studio.
Among the templates are a range of customizable chapter menu designs.

What are chapter menus I hear you ask?

A chapter menu allows your viewer to jump to different chapters throughout your content with the use of unique time triggers for each speciific chapter.

Chapter menus can be present at all time throughout your videos to ensure your viewers have the freedom to jump around and enjoy your content however they’d like.

Chapter menus are also the perfect location for social media icons and website links, similar to the hamburger menu you might recognise from mobile sites.

Our 3 unique chapter menu templates give you the base for further custom creations, however, you can also build a new and unique template from scratch. We’ve put together a guide to walk you through the creation process here

Request a trial of WIREWAX studio now to explore our full range of new designs and put them to work in your videos.