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All About Overlays

As you’ve learned in our previous article, All About Hotspots, crafting the perfect overlay is where all your creative skills come into play in WIREWAX Studio. We’ve listened to your feedback and made significant improvements […]


Distributing And Embedding Your WIREWAX Video

If you’ve completed the previous parts to this series, then congrats! You’re well on the way to interactive video success. You’ve likely already created a masterpiece worthy of shouting about. Now it’s time to get […]


Interactive goes vertical: Optimizing videos for the mobile viewer

Hot on the heels of our announcement of the WIREWAX and Facebook partnership, we’ve gone one step further in unleashing the power of interactive video to audiences on all devices. We’ve released all-new vertical video […]


Sharing a WIREWAX video to Facebook and Instagram

WIREWAX is honored to be officially named Facebook Marketing partners! Leveraging your Facebook audience is a great way for social-savvy brands to drive an engaged and loyal audience to your interactive experiences.  There are several ways […]



How to create an effective shoppable video

The effectiveness of shoppable video in driving revenue cannot be underestimated; nor can its vital role throughout retail brand strategy in today’s new world.  Even before the majority of consumer purchasing went completely online, 84% […]



Studio Release Notes 7.29.20

The team have been working really hard to get these features out and what a mammoth release this is!!! We have…. 🎉 1. Hotspot Refactor   Default hotspot: The animation for this hotspot has been […]



Creating a connected video asset through iFrames

Embedding iFrames into your Interactive Video The defining benefit of interactive video is that you can connect your content to the rest of the web, all within a click for your viewer. Whether surfacing vital […]


How Animation and Interactivity Can Create Impactful Viewer Experiences [WEBINAR]

As physical production is limited across the globe, we’re seeing more and more brands and businesses needing to find an alternative shift in content productions. For many, that shift is coming with the adoption of […]