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Creating a connected video asset through iFrames

Embedding iFrames into your Interactive Video The defining benefit of interactive video is that you can connect your content to the rest of the web, all within a click for your viewer. Whether surfacing vital […]


How Animation and Interactivity Can Create Impactful Viewer Experiences [WEBINAR]

As physical production is limited across the globe, we’re seeing more and more brands and businesses needing to find an alternative shift in content productions. For many, that shift is coming with the adoption of […]


Our Hotspot Design Toolkit For The Savvy Creative

Hotspots are the action-centres throughout your content so it’s important that they stand out to the viewer while feeling in-style with your overall branding and design.  You don’t need to be a large team with […]


Branching: The Ultimate Lean-In Experience

Incorporating branching into your video allows your viewers to take control of their experience in an engaging way; allowing them to craft the viewing experience that’s most relevant to them. It’s one of the easiest […]


[WEBINAR] How To Use Interactive Video In The New Normal Of Today

Over the last two weeks, we have been watching the digital landscape rapidly transform to better serve the much-needed growth goals of diverse sectors. From education to real estate, sport to retail, creative problem-solving is […]


Drive New Growth on Existing Video with WIREWAX Studio

For many brands, publishers and video content producers worldwide, the recent public health crisis presents a unique challenge. Many studios may try to produce new video work remotely, while others could shut down for any […]


Take a Tour of the new WIREWAX Player 5

Hot on the heels of our Player launch, you may be wondering how to start launching interactive masterpieces with WIREWAX’s next-generation Player 5! Take a quick walkthrough of our new player features, set up and […]


Beautify Your Hotspots With Brand-new Downloadable Templates

Stuck in a creative rut? Never fear – our stellar creative team has been heads down brainstorming stunning new downloadable hotspot templates perfect for any video and vertical. Click through our interactive library of new […]