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Bad Guy Goes Interactive with WIREWAX Studio

Our creative team is behind the scenes, powering the best interactive content ever seen on planet earth. Gain inspiration for your next big interactive masterpiece by checking out our series on recent WIREWAX in-house creations, […]


WIREWAX SYNC: Bring interactivity to life in Brightcove

With WIREWAX SYNC, you can seamlessly integrate your interactive videos with your own Online Video Platform (OVP), making it easy to include WIREWAX as part of your current video workflow. Take a few minutes to […]



How To Get The Most Action From Your Experience With Poster Frames

So you’ve uploaded your video and made it interactive. You’ve embedded it on to your site and now it’s time to watch those views and interactions come flying in. Ahhh, but no one seems to […]


The WIREWAX Studio Must-Reads For Success in 2020

The essential reads you need from our Success Center this year 2019 was one for the books in WIREWAX Studio. Our users were busy as ever, creating smashing experiences, each exceeding the last in performance, […]


How To Create an Interactive Chapter Menu [Interactive Tutorial]

Chaptering in WIREWAX is arguably one of the most powerful features of our interactive video suite to-date. Chaptering allows you to take advantage of the personalization aspect of branching for your viewers, while keeping the […]


5 Tips On Crafting An Eye-catching Overlay

First thing’s first. What is an overlay?  As you may know, WIREWAX is a platform that allows you to make any video interactive. Often, this means making notable objects or people within videos clickable (WIREWAX […]


The Latest and Greatest in All-New Features on WIREWAX Studio

Selection tool in Overlay Editor The new selection tool in the overlay editor gives more control over moving elements when creating overlays. Much like other editing software, elements can only be repositioned when the element […]



Designing Captivating Hotspots For Your Interactive Video

First thing’s first: what the heck is a hotspot?  Well, in short, it’s the call-to-action on your video that gives your viewer a visible sign that they can interact and touch things within it. Think […]