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Navigating The WIREWAX Hotspot Manager [Interactive Tutorial]

Hotspots are your secret weapon in revolutionising traditional video with engagement-driven interactivity, so it’s vital that you know how to best use them to your advantage.  In our new interactive WIREWAX Success Module Customer Success […]



Do It Like Nike: Creating The Perfect Branching Experience From Start To Finish

Some of the world’s biggest brands have found success incorporating branching interactivity into their video content strategy. Hypebae, in conjunction with mega-brand Nike, has perfected an interactive formula that’s seen sky-high engagement rates – by […]



One of the easiest -and fastest- ways you can take your video content farther is by integrating WIREWAX with your online video player. WIREWAX is compatible with the most popular online video platforms like Brightcove, […]


All-star Overlays: How To [VIDEO]

We know overlays as the creative pinnacle of interactive video because they can serve as a portal to the rest of the web right from within your video. Whether you’re a professional designer or overlay […]


WEBINAR WRAP-UP: How To Get More From Your Video

Last week we had the pleasure of joining Lemonlight for an exclusive webinar to show you how much more you could get from your video with interactive.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, […]


Studio Spotlight: The Best Experiences Created With WIREWAX Studio This August

We’re back with another edition of best interactive experiences created with WIREWAX Studio – this month we saw a little bit of everything come to fruition: from shoppable, to travel, branching to custom hotspots – […]


Traditional Goes Interactive: FREE WEBINAR

Evolving your content with interactivity doesn’t have to mean shooting all-new video.  Join us this Thursday as Customer Success Director, Marissa Ke, sits down with LA-based video production house, Lemonlight, to talk you through what […]


VIDEO: Frame It For Success With Our Custom iFrames In WIREWAX Studio

After your interactive video is completed, the next important step is getting it out there for the world to see. WIREWAX’s lightweight HTML5 player is easy to use, customizable, and looks great across all devices, […]