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Creating Branching Videos With WIREWAX Studio

Incorporating branching into your video allows your viewers to take control of their experience in an engaging way. With WIREWAX branching techniques, you can create clickable decision points in your video that can then jump […]


Getting Started With WIREWAX Studio

Welcome to WIREWAX Studio! Our Studio has been entirely designed with users just like you in mind. Flip through our handy visual guidebook of the Studio, or read on for helpful tips and tricks to […]


Why Go Interactive

If you’re reading this, congratulations – you’ve already taken the first step to harnessing the power of interactive video💪 Interactive video is the most powerful form of online video – and WIREWAX wants to share […]


The WIREWAX Glossary

New to interactive? We’ve got you covered. Use this simple glossary of terms to help you navigate the WIREWAX Studio and speed up your creative process: Branching: A branching video is a style of interactive […]