About the project

Ted Baker are a bullish bastion of British style and when it came to Christmas 2015, they knew it was time to take that style and substance to video. In one month they’ve gone from making fashion films to making shoppable video assets with WIREWAX.

Our on-boarding team met with Ted Baker in November ‘15 to scope the integration and after our simple setup process, they were on with a styled tag, integrated overlay and their first video published. Our team didn’t leave it there, we have over 4-years of experience with brands and broadcasters right across the planet. Our 150-data points of metrics are studied on a daily basis to test and iterate the asset throughout. This led to 4x more interaction and CTR over the on-boarding process.

☑ Design                   ☑ Tool                   ☑ Automation                   ☑ E-Com                   ☑ On-Board                   ☑ Add-To-Bag                   ☑ Service


Problems to Solve:

  • Drive sales from video to store

  • Make the shoppable video experience look, feel and act like Ted Baker


  • Creative experience for viewers befitting Ted Baker's brand

  • Automated tool that can deliver videos in minutes, not hours or days

  • Proven with 300+ brands, broadcasters and agencies


The result?

  • In just 1 week, the holiday video sent more than $75,000 in sales straight to TedBaker.com

  • More than 2 interactions for every engaged view with over 1 minute spent, on average, engaged with the product in the overlay

  • 60% of viewers interacting mobile devices, including the iPhone in browser (no apps needed)