We'd like to apologise in advance but just because we have to, the use of the WIREWAX website ("Website") and the WIREWAX Player ("Player") whether on the Website or embedded elsewhere is subject to a few of our terms of a legal agreement. This agreement is between any user, viewer, administrator of the Website or the Player, you and WIREWAX. This chunk of text known as the Terms of Use together with our Privacy Policy is the umbrella agreement between you and WIREWAX what we also like to call the "Terms". Nice eh? or WIREWAX ( "we" or "us") is the trading name of WIREWAX Ltd and our home is 15 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HU, UK.

We know it sounds a bit silly but by using the Website and/or the Player we assume that you have agreed to these Terms and therefore, if you don't agree you better not use them.

It's probably a good idea that you check your age.

Unfortunately if you're not of an age that is deemed 'legal' then you better stay well clear. We reckon that's about 18 or above.

As things happen to change a lot and we never know what the future may hold we may have to make some changes to these Terms from time to time. Check the 'last updated' date at the top of these Terms to see when it was, well, last updated. If you use the Website or the Player after that date then you are subject to these updated Terms!

If you plan on using some of the more advanced features that WIREWAX has to offer then you will have to create an account. When you do this we ask for a few bits of information, not much, but all we ask is that it's as accurate as possible. When creating an account you will be asked for a username and initially we will give you a password. We ask that you do your best to keep that information as close to your chest as you can and don't tell anyone.

If you think someone has got your username and password it's probably a good idea you let us know. If someone starts using your account and messing with it you will have to take responsibility for any result.

We would love you to start getting involved but we ask a few things in return, if you don't fancy agreeing to these simple conditions, then we wouldn't love you to start getting involved and you better not. It would also mean that you're in breach of our agreement.

These conditions are as follows:

  • You agree not to start distributing any parts of the Website and certainly not any content from other WIREWAX users.

  • We also ask that you agree to never messing with any of the computer code, scripting or technology that makes WIREWAX happen.

  • You will have to also agree to not monkey with any of the security elements that make the Website and the Player safe and secure for us, you or any other user.

  • You will certainly have to agree not to use any of those automated systems that sends a silly amount of requests to the Website. That's naughty.

  • Over time we will need to make updates or changes to the Website and the Player without prior notice and you'll have to agree to accept them. That's just the way it is.

  • Occasionally there may be times when we have to close the Website or stop the Player and you have to agree to accept this and not get upset.

If you breach any of these conditions then you agree that you will be responsible for any loss or damage which we, other users or you may suffer as a result.



Whilst we expect you to use WIREWAX to its full potential, uploading content that infringes any copyright laws or is subject to any third party proprietary rights is a bit naughty and doing so many times will result in the content being disabled or removed and you losing some or all of your user privileges.

If you plan on uploading any content that is deemed pornographic, harmful, threatening, indecent, defamatory, libellous, unlawful or likely to offend us or other users or visitors to remote websites using the embedded Player then you will also be in breach of this agreement and we reserve the right to remove or disable content at any time without letting you know first. You may also lose some or all of your user privileges and may even have your account removed. So keep it clean please.

As a user of the Website or the Player you also understand that you will be exposed to content from other users and that may be factually inaccurate, offensive or indecent and hereby waive any legal or equitable rights you have against WIREWAX with respect to any of this. So don't blame us.


Links from buttons

One of the key features of the WIREWAX Player is that users can add links to other websites, videos, or email addresses that are nothing to do with WIREWAX and we don't take responsibility for any of that.

We expect you to accept that we don't take any responsibility for the failure, content, privacy policies or practices of any resulting action following a link.

You must accept that it is not the responsibility of WIREWAX if you suffer any loss or damage as a result of clicking or following a link added to content.


Refund &
cancellation policy

When you come to make an order we are all assuming WIREWAX has been fully evaluated to meet your needs. As such refunds will be considered within 30 days of being notified and must be raised within 28days of payment (for one-off purchases) or the start date of your subscription (whichever is earlier) and at WIREWAX's discretion. We're fair on this.

Subscription cancellations are permitted at anytime with no-minimum term contract though part months can not be refunded so it is recommended to complete your month end before cancellation.



We appreciate that someone wise once said 'rules are meant to be broken' but we reserve the right to terminate this agreement at any time if you fail to stick to the Terms laid out in this agreement. We may also terminate our agreement with you if we are legally obliged to or if WIREWAX is unable to continue providing the service for any reason.



Whilst we hope this never happens, WIREWAX shall not be liable to you for any loses be it financial, digital data or reputation that you may have incurred as a result of:

  • you using the Website or the Player.

  • you experiencing changes, modifications or the stopping of any of the features of the Website or the Player.

  • the loss or corruption of any content uploaded by you.

  • the loss or corruption of any tag or button data added to videos by you.

  • the account information submitted by you being incomplete or inaccurate.

  • you not managing to keep your username or password to yourself!


Intellectual property

While, quite rightly, you own the rights to your own video content but all the WIREWAX stuff you do to it belongs to us. Please don’t get upset, we have to do this to prevent any arguments over who owns what and to stop sad faces popping up all over the place.


Fair usage

With each package you will be issued with a data allowance; for Bronze this will be 100 gigabytes, 500 gigabytes for Silver, and finally 2,000 gigabytes for Gold. If you’re a free user you’ll have 10 gigabytes to play with.

We love it when users go crazy with their WIREWAX'd videos and there's nothing we love even more than a video that gets the world excited. Sometimes a WIREWAX video is beautifully executed and we will lunge fists aloft in joy as more and more eyeballs and fingers enjoy the experience the world over. Sometimes however, there may be times when a video isn't particularly wonderful and yet achieves a high number of views around the globe. On those occasions it might be difficult for us to justify being out of pocket. For that reason we reserve the right to step in and say, 'whoa there cowboy!'

If at our discretion we can’t justify any out of pocket expenditure we will ask you to pay for the data outside of your allowance mentioned above. This will be a small per gigabyte rate of $0.30/£0.20/€0.25 depending which currency you wish to pay in.

Therefore, make great WIREWAX videos and we'll enjoy nothing more than to see them fly. Make terrible ones and we might have to disable them.


Other rights

If you use WIREWAX we also reserve the right to place your video anywhere on our website and promote it as we see fit for as long as we like. That means, if you create a lovely WIREWAX video, you may be lucky enough to have it featured on our homepage or elsewhere on the WIREWAX web pages.



You agree that by creating an account with WIREWAX that we may provide you with information from time to time by email or notices on the Website.

This bunch of Terms and our friendship is governed by the law of England and Wales.